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LLVM Virtual Developers’ Meeting 2020

📅 2020-Oct-06 ⬩ ✍️ Ashwin Nanjappa ⬩ 🏷️ conference, llvm ⬩ 📚 Archive

I had been meaning to attend the LLVM Developers’ Meeting for a couple of years now, mostly because it happens right next door in San Jose. This year the conference went virtual and actually made it easy for me to finally attend all 3 days (Oct 6-8). Below are my notes from the talks I attended from their multiple-track agenda. This being the first time I am attending a compiler conference, let alone a LLVM one, I focused on gaining basic knowledge of the software architecture of compilers, usage of common tools and techniques in the field.

Overall review of the conference

This was my first virtual conference and I was highly skeptical if it would work out. But I was pleasantly surprised how well the conference was!

Day 1

Everything I know about debugging LLVM

LLVM in a Bare Metal Environment

Branch Coverage: Squeezing more out of LLVM Source-based Code Coverage

Checked C: Adding memory safety support to LLVM

Day 2

Using clang-tidy for customized checkers and large scale source tree refactoring

LLVM Libc: Current Status, Challenges and Future Plans

Code Size Compiler Optimizations and Techniques

Accelerate Matrix Multiplication Using the New POWER Outer Product Instructions

Matrix Support in Clang and LLVM

Lightning Talks

I noted the following from the talks which were 5-minutes each:

Day 3

MLIR Tutorial

CIL : Common MLIR Dialect for C/C++ and Fortran

LLVM-based mutation testing for C and C++

Adding CUDA Support to Cling: JIT Compile to GPUs

Extending Clang for checking compliance with automotive coding standards

Using the Clang static analyzer to find bugs

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