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How to fix an overheating Vostro 3300

📅 2016-Feb-21 ⬩ ✍️ Ashwin Nanjappa ⬩ 🏷️ dell vostro 3300, fan, heat sink, speedfan, thermal paste ⬩ 📚 Archive

The Dell Vostro 3300 laptop is now infamous for its terrible cooling design. The intake vent on the top-right bottom struggles to deliver air. The fan is noisy and still hopeless at cooling the CPU. I pulled out this old laptop recently and found that it would shut down due to CPU overheating. I fired up SpeedFan and sure enough, the CPU cores were 73C at idle! The only solution I could think of to give this laptop a longer life was to clean the fan and change the thermal paste.

Thanks to preparing well for this surgery, it went off well and the idle temperatures dropped by 15C! It still hits the 70s on a load, what a terrible cooling design! The temperature can be dropped by a further 5C by giving that top-right bottom vent a lot of space. This can be done for example by attaching high feet at the top row of the laptop.


Here are the things I found that I used:


** Base cover (page 2) ** Battery (page 4) ** Hard drive (page 23) ** Optical drive (page 41) ** WLAN card (page 67) ** Keyboard (page 29) ** WWAN card (page 71) -- my laptop does not have this ** Palm rest (page 43) ** System board (page 65) ** Heat sink and fan (page 26)

This is the first time I disassembled a laptop down to the CPU. I found that it is quite doable if a service manual or a demo video is available. And having the required tools is crucial. Good luck if you planning to try the same! 😊