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Free entry warning with Ghostscript and ImageMagick

📅 2014-Mar-10 ⬩ ✍️ Ashwin Nanjappa ⬩ 🏷️ ghostscript, imagemagick, warning ⬩ 📚 Archive


I used the convert program from ImageMagick to convert a PDF file to PNG image files. The program hung with the following warning:

**** Warning: considering '0000000000 XXXXX n' as a free entry.


This warning turns out to be from the Ghostscript program, which is used by ImageMagick internally to perform this format conversion. This page explains that this error has been fixed in a recent version of Ghostscript. I used a newer version of Ubuntu, that is 13.11, that had a newer version of gs and I was able to perform the format conversion. It still gave off the warning, but the conversion was done.

Tried: ImageMagick 6.6.9-7 and Ghostscript 9.05 on Ubuntu 12.04 and ImageMagick 6.7.7-10 and Ghostscript 9.10 on Ubuntu 13.11

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