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Install Deb packages using GDebi

📅 2013-Jan-13 ⬩ ✍️ Ashwin Nanjappa ⬩ 🏷️ deb, gdebi, installation, ubuntu ⬩ 📚 Archive

If a package is not in the Ubuntu repositories, you may need to install it by downloading the Deb package file. A Deb file can usually be installed by opening it using the Ubuntu Software Center. But this does not work properly sometimes.

For such situations, it is handy to use the GDebi program at the terminal. It can be installed from the Ubuntu repositories with the package name gdebi-core.

If you prefer to use a GUI program, install the package gdebi. After installation, you will be able to install Deb files by right-clicking it in Nautilus and choosing Open With.

Tried with: GDebi 0.8.5 and Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS

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