How to allow ping on Windows


You might find that your Windows computer does not respond to ping from another computer on the same network. You can ping from it, but it does not respond to ping.


The most likely cause of this is that Windows Firewall is turned on. And by default, it disables ICMP echo request in its inbound rules. Enabling ping is easy:

  1. Open Advanced Settings of Windows Firewall.
  2. Go to Inbound Rules Β and enable Networking – Echo Request (ICMPv4-In) for the network profile that is being used.

You should be able to ping this computer as soon as this is enabled.

Tried with: Windows 7 x64

How to launch Advanced Settings of Windows Firewall

The Advanced Settings dialog of Windows Firewall shows the various rules and detailed settings of the Windows Firewall. There are a few ways to get to it:

  • Open Windows Firewall from the Start menu and then click on Advanced Settings.
  • Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security from the Start menu.
  • And the easiest method: just open wf.msc from the Start menu.

Tried with: Windows 7 x64