Visualizing deep learning models has become a difficult task with the explosion of Deep Learning frameworks and formats used to store models. Every framework ships with its own visualization tool. For people working with multiple frameworks, this means learning and using different tools for the same task.

Netron aims to solve this problem by being a model visualization tool that supports pretty much every DL framework and model format. All the important ones that I care about are supported: Caffe prototxt, TensorFlow protobuf and ONNX.

  • Netron can be installed as a Python package from PyPI:
$ pip3 install --user netron
  • Using it is straightforward:
$ netron -b foobar.pb
$ netron -b foobar.prototxt
$ netron -b foobar.onnx

You can view and interact with a visualization of the graph in your browser at localhost:8080.


SpaceSniffer is a neat visualization tool to view the size of files and directories on your disks. (Scott Hanselman mentioned it in his recent post on freeing disk space on Windows 7.) SpaceSniffer uses the treemap visualization technique, so each rectangle displayed is proportional to the size of the file or directory it represents. I have used similar tools that use a tree view or tree maps to display the file sizes. However, SpaceSniffer beats them all easily with its speed, ease of use and attention to detail. Just double-click any rectangle to zoom in and press Backspace to zoom back! It makes exploring your harddisk addictive and it becomes a joy to hunt down useless large files and delete them. Do remember to run SpaceSniffer with administrator privileges if you choose to visualize the C: drive.

Tried with: SpaceSniffer