Missing parameter error on boot from Ubuntu startup disk


I made a startup USB flash drive for Ubuntu 15.04 using Startup Disk Creator as described here. I booted a computer using this flash drive and the boot process threw this error:

Missing parameter in configuration file. Keyword: path
gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image

(This error happens even if the drive is created using UNetBootIn as described here. It happens with Ubuntu 14.10 too.)


Type help at the boot prompt. It will show a menu of options. Hit Enter here and Ubuntu will boot up as it should have.

How to make startup disk from ISO using Startup Disk Creator

You need a startup disk or USB flash drive loaded with Ubuntu to install it on a new computer. Ubuntu can be downloaded as an ISO file. The Startup Disk Creator tool can be used to create such a startup disk from a ISO file.


Startup Disk Creator will be present on a Ubuntu computer. If by chance you do not have it, it can be installed easily:

$ sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk


  1. Download the Ubuntu (or any other) ISO file you need to make a startup disk from.

  2. Insert the USB stick or drive that you want to use as the startup disk. Note that it needs to be in FAT or FAT32 format! (Otherwise Startup Disk Creator will not show this drive.)

  3. Start the Startup Disk Creator from the Dash or usb-creator-gtk from the shell.

  4. Choose the source disk image (the downloaded ISO file) and the disk to use and click Make Startup Disk.

Once it is done, you can use this USB flash drive to install Ubuntu on other computers by booting from this drive! 😃

Note: An alternative to Startup Disk Creator is UNetBootIn, which can be used as described here. I have faced problems using it for making startup USB flash drives of Ubuntu 14.10.

Tried with: Startup Disk Creator 0.2.56 and Ubuntu 14.04

How to create Ubuntu installer USB flash drive using UNetBootin

You might be working on a Ubuntu system and might want to create a USB flash drive to install Ubuntu on another computer. Doing this is easy:

  • First download the ISO file of the Ubuntu version that you want to install.

  • Plug in the USB flash drive you want to use to install.

  • Install UNetbootin on your existing Ubuntu system:

$ sudo apt install unetbootin
  • Open UNetbootin. Ignore the Distribution section at the top. In the Diskimage section at the bottom, choose the path of the Ubuntu ISO file you downloaded earlier. Choose the partition of the USB flash drive as the Drive and press OK.

  • After UNetbootin is done, unmount the USB drive and plug it into the system where you want to install Ubuntu. Reboot it, you will get a UNetbootin menu, choose Install Ubuntu here and you are on your way to installing it 🙂

Tried with: UNetbootin 2.0.2 and Ubuntu 14.04

How to create a Ubuntu installer USB flash drive on Windows

  1. Download the ISO file of the Ubuntu you want to install. I prefer to download using BitTorrent for speed and robustness.

  2. Download and install the Linux Live USB Creator, also called LiLi. It is installed with the name LiLi USB Creator in the Windows Start menu or Start screen.

  3. Plug in a USB flash drive of capacity 1GB or more. It should be mounted by Windows as a drive.

  4. Run LiLi. Yes, it has a weird and funky GUI. Choose the USB drive and downloaded Ubuntu ISO file for installation. If the settings you chose are correct, you should be able to click the Lightning button at the bottom. LiLi should make a bootable Ubuntu installer on your USB flash drive.

Restart Windows and boot from the USB flash drive to install your Ubuntu.

Tried with: Windows 8 x64 and Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS