Corebird is a Twitter client for Linux. It has a UI that I find to be clean and modern.

  • Installing it is easy:
$ sudo apt install corebird
  • Adding a Twitter account is easy and multiple accounts are supported.

  • Configuration can be done by clicking the ⚙ icon at the top-right. These settings are very minimal though. For example, I could not find an option to set the number of tweets to show is not provided.

Tried with: Corebird 1.1 and Ubuntu 16.04


Mikutter is a Twitter client for Linux. It is developed using Ruby.

  • Installing it is easy:
$ sudo apt install mikutter
  • When you start it for the first time, a bot-like mikutter-chan will lead you through the steps to link your Twitter account with the client. This is quite user-friendly.

  • It supports multiple Twitter accounts. Just click the 🔧 icon at bottom-right and go to Account information to add more accounts.

  • One feature I like in Mikutter is that it shows the original message below reply tweets.

  • I find the message list display to be quite crowded, though usable.

Tried with: Mikutter 3.3.6 and Ubuntu 16.04


Choqok is a microblogging client for KDE that supports Twitter and a couple of other microblogging services no one actually uses ( and GNU Social).

  • Installing it from a PPA is easy:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adilson/experimental
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install choqok
  • Choqok is a very basic Twitter client. It supports multiple Twitter accounts, viewing your timeline, retweeting and tweeting.

  • By default only the latest 20 tweets are shown and new tweets are checked every 10 minutes. This can be increased in the settings.

  • It does autocompletion when typing Twitter handles, not just for folks you follow!

  • It does not show the number of retweets or likes of tweets.

  • Conversations can be viewed by clicking the rightmost up-arrow below the tweet (visible only if it is part of a conversation). The conversation opens in a new window.

Tried with: Choqok 1.5 and Ubuntu 16.04