Development on TrueCrypt has been halted and the last version of TrueCrypt (v7.2) does not allow creation of new volumes. VeraCrypt is a fork of TrueCrypt source code that offers updated encryption settings and a GUI that is the same as in TrueCrypt. This might be closest replacement of TrueCrypt, if you were looking for that.

  • The Linux installation file can be downloaded from here. Installation is similar to TrueCrypt: you unzip and then install the script file using sudo.

  • VeraCrypt volumes can be created and mounted just like in TrueCrypt.

  • To mount your TrueCrypt volumes, click the TrueCrypt Mode checkbox in the dialog.

  • To mount from shell: veracrypt --password="my pass" --mount /path/to/ /media/veracrypt1

  • To unmount from shell: veracrypt --dismount /path/to/

  • To unmount all mounted volumes: veracrypt --dismount

  • When mounting a Truecrypt volume, use --truecrypt at the beginning.

Tried with: VeraCrypt 1.14 and Ubuntu 15.04

How to uninstall TrueCrypt

Development on TrueCrypt has been stopped and so it is a good idea to uninstall TrueCrypt and switch to other alternatives. Since TrueCrypt is not installed from a package, you might have forgotten how to uninstall it.

  • First make sure that you have unmounted all TrueCrypt volumes.

  • Uninstall TrueCrypt using the script it had placed during installation:

$ sudo /usr/bin/

Tried with: TrueCrypt 7.2 and Ubuntu 15.04

TrueCrypt is already running error


You try to run TrueCrypt and it pops this error:

TrueCrypt is already running


This error is typically caused if you abruptly shutdown your Linux, without giving TrueCrypt the chance to close properly. This leaves behind a lock file named ~/.TrueCrypt-lock-joe, where joe is your username. Delete this file and you will be able to run TrueCrypt again.

Tried with: TrueCrypt 7.1a and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

TrueCrypt: Mount Volume as Read-Only

I store a lot of my content in TrueCrypt volumes. I end up mounting these volumes many times during the week, when I need to access some files. Most of these times, I need read-only access to the volume. I rarely need to add or modify files to this volume. To prevent myself (or Windows) from making changes to the files in this volume, I use the read-only mount feature in TrueCrypt.

To turn on this feature by default for all mounting of TrueCrypt volumes, go to Settings → Preferences and select Mount volumes as read-only. After this, all TrueCrypt volumes will be mounted as read-only partitions.

On the rare occasions when you need to mount a TrueCrypt with write access, choose the Mount Options in the Mount dialog and uncheck the Mount volume as read-only option. This unchecking affects only this mount, volume mounts will still remain read-only by default.

Tried with: TrueCrypt 7.1