How to group windows as tabs in KDE

KDE/Plasma/KWin 4.x that ships in Ubuntu 14.04 has one amazing feature that I discovered today. I keep many XTerm, RXVT and related file explorer windows open. These were related to many servers I was SSHed to and I was looking for a way to group windows related to each server together. Guess what, KDE 4.x has a fantastic solution!

KDE 4.x allows you to group any set of open application windows together as tabs. Just right-click on the titlebar of an application and choose Attach as tab and pick the other application with which you want to group this one. These two application windows will now appear in a single window as tabs! You can repeat this operation and group together apps as tabs inside super-windows. (In older KDE, this option appears as Move window to group.) This works for any application window, they can be from different applications. What a great way to organize your windows on the desktop!

Sadly, this feature is missing in the recent KDE/Plasma/KWin 5.x series that ships in Ubuntu 16.04. It lies on the missing features list and I really hope they will reimplement this great feature.

How to undo a tab pull-off in Chrome

Tabs can be moved to the left or right or pulled off in Chrome by using the mouse. The tab pull-off behavior in Windows is pretty solid. On Ubuntu however, I find that it is too sensitive. Many a time, when I try to move a tab to the left or right, Chrome recognizes this operation as a tab pull-off and proceeds to pull it off into a new window. This is highly irritating!

If this happens to you, you can undo this operation. But to do that, you should not have yet lifted the left mouse click. If you have the left mouse button still depressed and the tab has been pulled off, just press Esc with your other hand. Do this without letting go of the mouse button. The tab will snap back to the Chrome window and all is well.

Tried with: Chrome 24.0.1312.68 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Blank new tab in Chrome

As if the Internet itself isn’t enough of a distraction, opening a new tab in Chrome brings even more distractions with a noisy page filled with big colorful icons. Why, oh why?!

Anyway, banishing away this monstrosity is easy. I installed the Empty New Tab Page extension and it opens a blank page on every new tab. If you do not like this, there are many other extensions like this.

Tried with: Empty New Tab Page 1.1 and Google ChromeΒ 20.0.1132.47