Sensible plugin for Vim

Sensible is a super simple plugin for Vim by Tim Pope. It is nothing but a set of sensible settings for your vimrc. It is a great way to start off on a new system where you do not have access to your fully featured vimrc. I only wish he explained some of the choices he made for the options in this file.

If I have a local account on the remote or new computer, I find it far easier to just replicate my vimrc, and other dot files, using GNU Stow.

Stow not installing file


I had a directory with a .gitignore file in it. When I run Stow with this directory as the input, symbolic links to all the files in the directory were created, except for the .gitignore file.


Stow ignores installing files and directories that are in its ignore list. The files and directories to be ignored can be specified as regular expressions in an ignore file. Stow looks for a ~/.stow-global-ignore file. If it does not find it, it will use an internal default ignore list.

The default ignore list from Stow source code is shown here:

It can be seen that .gitignore is one of the files that it will ignore, hence it is not installed. To override the internal ignore list, create a ~/.stow-global-ignore file filled with the regex of what files to ignore. If you make this an empty file, Stow will install all files without ignoring any of them.

Reference: Stow manual

Tried with: Stow 2.2.0 and Ubuntu 14.04