rup and rsysinfo

If you want to find out the uptime or load average of a remote machine, you can always SSH to it and find it out using the uptime command. If you want to do that for a whole bunch of remote machines though, it is a bit tedious. Thankfully, there are two small utilities named rup and rsysinfo that make it easy to get such info about a bunch of remote computers easily.

  • Install rstatd package on each of your remote machines:
$ sudo apt install rstatd
  • Install rstat-client package on your local machine:
$ sudo apt install rstat-client
  • To find the uptime and load averages of a set of remotes:
$ rup
  • To get a summary of kernel stats of a set of remote machines:
$ rsysinfo

Tried with: rstat 4.0.1 and Ubuntu 16.04