OMX Remote

Video files that are on partitions accessible by Raspbian can be played using OMXPlayer. However, it is quite a hassle to SSH into your Raspberry Pi and play a movie using OMX Player from the shell. The ideal solution would be to browse the video files from the comfort of your Android device and play it from there. And that is exactly what OMX Remote does!

  • HDMI: Connect your Pi to your TV using a HDMI cable.
  • SSH: Make sure you can SSH into your Raspberry Pi from a computer on your home network.
  • OMXPlayer: After SSH into the Pi, make sure you can play videos from the shell using OMXPlayer as described here.
  • Install OMX Remote: It can be installed from the Play Store here.
  • Configure OMX Remote: Provide the hostname (or IP address of your Pi), port (usually 22), username (usually pi) and password. I also like to set the root directory of my media.
  • Play using remote: Browse the video files from the app and click on a video file to play it on your TV. Various remote control UIs of varying complexity are available by swiping left and right. Some of the useful buttons on the remote control is to switch audio channels (speaker with arrow buttons) and to switch subtitles (speech bubble with arrow buttons).

Tried with: OMX Remote 1.9


The Raspberry Pi is a great device for video playback using its HDMI output. It is popularly used as a HTPC by installing a full-blown media player solution like OSMC (formerly RaspBMC) or OpenELEC. What if you do not want such a heavy-handed solution, but just need the ability to play a video file now and then?

OMXPlayer is a command-line video player written specifically for the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi. It is filled with features and can output to the HDMI of the Pi.

  • SSH into your Raspbian and install it:
$ sudo apt-get install omxplayer
  • Make sure your HDMI is forced to turn on at boot, as described here.

  • Shutdown your Pi and your TV. Connect the Pi to the TV using a HDMI cable. Power on the TV first and choose the HDMI input. Next, power on the Pi.

  • SSH to the Pi and play the video file you want using OMXPlayer:

$ omxplayer foo.mkv
  • For the keyboard shortcuts to control the player:
$ omxplayer --help
  • Though command-line is great for setting up and debugging, if you need to play videos frequently, then consider using the OMX Remote on your Android device. You can browse the files on your Pi and play any of them effortlessly using OMXPlayer using this app. I highly recommend it!

Tried with: OMXPlayer 0.3.6, OMX Remote 1.9 and Raspbian 7