5 million views

I am happy to note that this blog CodeYarns.com has passed another milestone today: 5 million views! 😊

The last one million views have arrived in 10 months since Sep 2016. I have not actually been writing new blog posts as much as I want to. There have been only about 60 new posts since the last million milestone. But, the monthly visit counts have been slowly but steadily increasing despite this. I will try to have a more regular writing schedule in what is left of this year. Let us see how long before we cross the 6 million mark! 😊

PS: If you have been following my Twitter account, it is now @codeyarns 😈

4 million views


I am happy to note that this blog has now crossed 4 million views! It crossed 3 million just over a year ago. Almost all the traffic comes from Google. There are close to 2000 posts and the traffic is spread over a long tail of posts.


When the blog crossed 3 million views, I also renamed it from ChooruCode.com to CodeYarns.com. Though it seemed sensible at that time, in hindsight it turned out to be a bad idea. Google immediately cut traffic in half after the rename and it never recovered from that. Other than that halving of traffic, month-on-month traffic is pretty stable as seen in the above plot.


These days I mostly use my Twitter account @daariga to both consume and share. I have to admit that after Twitter there is very little energy left to write blog posts! Also, family and work are increasingly bigger consumers of my time, not that I am complaining. I next look forward to seeing how long it takes to cross the big 5 million 🙂

3 million views and a rename


I am happy to note another milestone for this blog: it crossed 3 million views yesterday! The blog crossed 2 million views just earlier this year in January. This is essentially just my notebook and it feels good to know that folks find some of these posts useful. This blog has now been continuously updated since 2004 and has 1741 posts.


The above graph shows the yearly traffic growth to the blog as provided by WordPress. Most of the traffic is long tail, to lots of obscure posts written ages ago.


This graph shows where this blog’s visitors are from for this year. The top 3 sources are not surprisingly the nations with the most programmers: USA, India and Germany.


And finally another announcement: the name of this blog has been changed from Chooru Code to Code Yarns, with the domain changed to codeyarns.com. Quite a few folks would email me confused about the name or mispronouncing it. So, I thought that a name with English words would be better. There is nothing much to read into the name, it is just what it is: a simple domain name that was available! 🙂