How to sync MEGA on Raspbian

MEGA is a cloud storage provider that can be used to store files and sync them across multiple devices. MEGA has a fully featured commandline client and daemon for Linux distributions, including Raspbian.

  • Raspbian client can be downloaded here.

  • Install packages required by the MEGA client:

$ sudo apt install libc-ares2 libcrypto++6
  • Install the downloaded .deb file:
$ sudo dpkg -i megacmd-Raspbian_9.0_armhf.deb
  • To login into your MEGA service:
$ mega-login login your-login your-password
  • To list files and directories on your MEGA drive in the cloud:
$ mega-ls /
  • To sync a folder on MEGA to your local storage, use this command:
$ mega-exec sync /path/on/local/system /path/on/mega

This passes the command to the mega service running in the background and you get your shell back. Paths on your MEGA drive begin with / as the root directory.