How to set default font in LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc is an excellent open-source replacement for the popular spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel. One irritation for me is that the default font and font size it uses are not what I would like. To set your own font, font size and other text formatting as default it takes a few steps as described below.

  1. Open LibreOffice Calc. It opens with a new spreadsheet document.

  2. First, we set our font as default for this spreadsheet document: Go to Format -> Styles and Formatting. Right-click on Default and choose Modify. In the Font tab, set the font, font size and other formatting options that you would like to be the default. Click OK.

  3. We now save this format as a template: Go to File -> Templates -> Save As Template. Choose My Templates and click Save. Give your template a name.

  4. Finally, we make our template as the default template: Go to File -> Templates -> Manage. In the Spreadsheets tab, click on your template and click Set as default. We are done! 🙂

All new spreadsheets created by Libreoffice Calc will now have the default font set in this template. Note that this is the font that will also be used for comments in Calc.

Tried with: LibreOffice and Ubuntu 14.04

How to export chart from LibreOffice Calc as PDF

The straightforward solution to this is:

  1. Click on the chart to select it.
  2. Choose File > Export as PDF. Choose General > Range > Selection. Click Export.

The PDF file produced by this method has a few problems. It includes sheet number at the top and sometimes the content is cropped off at the page margins. Moreover, this produces a PDF that is the size of a A4 page, no matter what is the size of your chart.

A better solution is to:

  1. Click on the chart to select it.
  2. Right-click and choose Copy.
  3. Open LibreOffice Draw and paste there.
  4. Export the selection to PDF, just like above. This PDF does not have the sheet number at the top and the content is not cropped off.
  5. This PDF still is the size of a A4 page. To crop it down its content, use the PDFCrop tool.

Tried with: LibreOffice and Ubuntu 12.04

Transpose in LibreOffice Calc

Transpose in LibreOffice Calc

Sometimes you may need to transpose the contents of a spreadsheet. Doing this in LibreOffice Calc is easy.

  1. First copy the contents you want to transpose.
  2. Paste the copied contents back in a different location. Right-click and choose Paste Special. From its dialog, choose Transpose. The pasted contents will be the transpose of the original.

Tried with: LibreOffice and Windows 7 x64

LibreOffice Calc: Copy and paste results of formulas

Paste Special to paste results of formulas


LibreOffice Calc is the spreadsheet application in the LibreOffice suite. In LibreOffice Calc, if the cells of a spreadsheet hold the results of formulas, then those results cannot be copied and pasted to a different cell. This is because the formula is copied instead of the result.


To copy the results of the formulas instead of the formulas themselves, do this:

  1. Copy the cells as usual.
  2. Right-click at the cell where you want to paste the results and choose Paste Special.
  3. In the Paste Special dialog, under the Selection section, uncheck all the different types of selection. Check only Numbers (assuming that the results are numbers). Choose OK.

The results of formulas should be pasted now instead of the formulas. This trick can also be used to do in-place replacement of cells with formulas with their results.

Tried with: LibreOffice