Google Python Style Guide

I find it easy to grasp the Google Python Style Guide recommendations by creating a simple example, like this:


How to fix the Google redirect loop


You try to open one of the websites of Google, say Gmail, it does not open in Chrome. Instead you see in the address bar that Chrome is flailing about, switching between and Or sometimes Chrome just gives up and says that it got stuck in an infinite redirect loop.


This problem happened to me when I blocked cookies on some Google websites, say and allowed it on other Google websites, say

To fix this problem, you may have to allow all Google websites to set cookies. Or at the very least you will need to tweak these settings until Google websites do show up.

You can do all of this in Chrome at Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > Manage exceptions.

Tried with: ChromeΒ 27.0.1453.93 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Google IME: Kannada

Google has released its IME for Indian languages! And ಹೌದು (yes), Google Kannada IME is available! πŸ™‚

I am using it as my primary Kannada IME and it is pretty impressive. I was using the Baraha IME for Kannada transliteration until now. It is too early to comment on how Google Kannada IME handles the esoteric characters or words of the language or on its performance. But, it is definitely a good user experience, right out of the door. Google Pinyin IME has been available for years now and is a big hit. Surely their experience in that has served them well for other (easier) languages. (A Chinese language IME is any day far harder than any of the Indian languages.)

One major plus with the Google IME is that it shows word suggestions as you type. It also looks like Google IME maintains a user cache where I assume it will store the user picks of words. That should help the IME suggestions get better with time. Also to be noted is that this is yet another area where Google has squarely beaten Microsoft. All the NT flavours of Windows have always had complete Unicode support from the kernel up, but their Kannada IME was never a good experience. They stagnated development on their IMEs and look who got their goat! All in all, Google IME is a refreshing new experience to type in ಕನ್ನ಑ (Kannada)! πŸ™‚