How to view NFS mount options

If your NFS directory is automatically mounted at boot, then find its mount options in /etc/fstab. There might be options such as defaults which are expanded to actual options at mount. These can be found in its actual mounted entry in /etc/mtab. For example, using defaults on my machine expands to rw,vers=4,addr=nfs_server_ip,clientaddr=nfs_client_addr

If it is mounted manually at the shell, then find its mount options in /etc/mtab.

How to remove duplicate entry in Devices list in Nautilus


The Devices list shown at the top of the Sidebar in Nautilus lists the other partitions found in the hard disk or any other storage devices plugged into the computer. Since I dual-boot between Windows and Ubuntu, the Devices list shows the NTFS partitions on the hard disk. I added a line to /etc/fstab to mount one of my NTFS partitions automatically at boot. After I did this, the Devices list in Nautilus started to show a duplicate entry for this partition, with one of it mounted and the other unmounted.


There seems to be a simple solution to this bizarre problem. The fstab entry I am using to mount the NTFS partition uses the UUID of the partition. Replacing this with the old style /dev/sda partition name fixed this problem.

For example, my fstab entry read UUID=A5190634180941Z5. I changed that to /dev/sda5 You can list the dev and UUID entries for all your partitions by using the command sudo blkid

Tried with: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS