How to install Flash for Firefox

Firefox on Ubuntu does not ship with a Flash plugin. However, many sites on the web with video content still need a flash plugin for video playback.

The Flash plugin for Firefox can be installed easily:

$ sudo apt install flashplugin-installer

Tried with: Firefox 41 and Ubuntu 15.10

Firefox: Blacklisting Flash Content


The Flashblock addon for Firefox can be used to block all Flash content on all webpages. This can get very irritating since some websites use tiny Flash widgets for some UI operations. For example, Gmail uses Flash to allow users to attach files to an email. Rather than blocking all Flash content, I would like all Flash content to be available and would like to specifically pick or blacklist the Flash content that I find irritating (like advertisements).


Blacklisting cannot be done with Flashblock. It only has a whitelist option to allow certain sources of Flash content. A blacklisting solution that works is to use the AdBlock Plus addon for Firefox. Hover the mouse over any Flash content on a webpage and a Block tab appears at the top-right corner of the content. Click this Block tab to add this Flash source to the blacklist of AdBlock Plus.

Tried with: Flashblock, Adblock Plus 2.0.1 and Firefox 9.0.1

GDocs: Multi-select & Progress Bars with Flashblock

Google Docs now allows you to upload any kind of file into their online storage. I guess they noticed that people were emailing themselves lots of files to keep them stored online.

The GDocs file upload process has the same multi-select and progress bar capability as in Gmail. And similar to Gmail, it will not work properly if Flash is being blocked by the Flashblock addon. So, the fix for this problem is the same as for Gmail: Add to the Flashblock whitelist.

Gmail: Multi-select & Progress Bars with Flashblock

A while ago Gmail introduced the nice feature of being able to multi-select attachments and to view their upload progress with progress bars. But, if you are using the Flashblock addon with Firefox this feature is not available, and Gmail will show you the traditional attachment option.

To be able to use the Gmail goodness, add to the Whitelist of Flashblock. You can do this in the Flashblock Options.