EmojiOne Picker


I can finally stop complaining about the absence of a emoji picker for Linux. Now there is the EmojiOne Picker! It is a simple picker application based on the awesome emoji set of EmojiOne.

  • Installing from PPA is the easiest way to get it:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ys/emojione-picker
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install emojione-picker
  • To use just type EmojiOne Picker at the Dash. Note that it takes a few seconds to load and finally settles down in the system tray area with a smiley face. Right-click on it to get the fully detailed list of emoji. Click on any one and it will be copied to your clipboard for easy pasting into any app or website.

  • In Settings, I like to choose the Low end computer mode which reduces the number of emoji and thus makes loading and usage of this app faster.

  • You can also right-click and choose Search to filter emoji by typing a word describing it. This is useful to find obscure emoji.

Tried with: EmojiOne Picker 0.1 and Ubuntu 16.04

Emoji Cheatsheet extension for Firefox

It has become common to view and add Emoji 😝😈😬 to emails, tweets, blogposts or any text on the web.

Emoji Cheatsheet (also known as Emoji Helper) is a fantastic extension for Firefox that is an emoji picker. It helps to pick emoji from a gallery and insert into any text input or copy to clipboard. The emoji you picked can be inserted as Unicode character, as text code (like that used in Github) or an image (for old applications). Almost all the emoji you see available on your smartphone seems to be in its collection.

  • Emoji Cheatsheet can be installed from here.

  • Check the extension preferences for picking your preferred mode (Unicode, text code or image), keyboard shortcut and other goodies!

Tried with: Emoji Cheatsheet 1.1.1, Firefox 41.0 and Ubuntu 14.04

Emoji Input extension for Chrome


Emoji has become a popular feature in smartphone messaging apps like Whatsapp. The Emoji Input extension can be used to similarly pick Emoji to insert into emails and other websites in Chrome.

Just install, click its smiley face icon in the taskbar and click on any emoticon to insert it into your text field. The emoticon can also be copied to clipboard, so this extension can also act as a emoji picker on Ubuntu/Linux where no such tool is available.

Tried with: Emoji Input 2.6.4, Chrome 44.0.2403.125 (64-bit) and Ubuntu 14.04

How to insert Emoji in Android

Emoji keyboard in Android
Emoji keyboard in Android

Inserting emoji, the Japanese emoticons, is easy in apps like Whatsapp. It has a special icon for Emoji to the left of the message box which can be used to insert these emoticons. The stock Android keyboard does have Emoji support, but it is hidden away and is not displayed most of the times.

Emoji can be inserted in any app while typing any text using the default Android keyboard. Just press and hold the Enter or Send key. A smiley face appears. Without releasing your finger press, move to the smiley face and release your finger. You get the emoji keyboard now, where you can choose whatever emoticon you want to insert.

Tried with: Android 4.4.4 and Moto G