Find duplicate files using fdupes

fdupes is a great little tool that can be used to find duplicate files inside one or more directories. It does this by checking the file sizes, MD5 hashes and a byte for byte comparison of the files.

  • To install the tool:
$ sudo apt install fdupes
  • To ask the tool to find and list duplicate files inside a directory foobar:
$ fdupes -r foobar/

Tried with: fdupes 1.6.1 and Ubuntu 18.04


How to find duplicate files using FSLint

If you are managing a large amount of photos, videos or other media, you soon end up with multiple copies of files in distant directories. The tool you need to clean up this mess is a duplicate file finder. On Ubuntu, a good tool to do this job is FSLint.

Installation is easy:

$ sudo apt-get install fslint

After installing, open FSLint, add the root directory of your files and click on Find. FSLint churns through your files and find the duplicate files.

Tried with: FSLint 2.42 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Fast Duplicate File Finder

This weekend I decided to clean up my disorganized media files. Due to my laziness, there were many duplicate copies of media files on my drive. So, the task was to find and delete all duplicate files. The duplicate files could be under different filenames. So, a tool was needed which could pick duplicates based on the file content, not based on filename.

There are many Windows utilities that can find duplicates, I picked Fast Duplicate File Finder. Its usage is simple: pick the drive or folder containing the files and let the tool do the job. I found the tool to be pretty fast (like it claims) and its result list UI makes it easy to delete the duplicate files.

Tried with: Fast Duplicate File Finder