How to install cuDNN

cuDNN provides primitives for deep learning networks that have been accelerated for GPUs by NVIDIA.

  • To download cuDNN head over to the cuDNN page here. cuDNN is not directly available for download. NVIDIA requires you to create a login. After that it presents cuDNN downloads in different formats (.tgz or .deb).

  • I prefer to install from .tgz since it gives more control. Unzip the file and it will create a cuda directory which has the required include and lib directories.

  • I like to rename this directory and keep it at /usr/local:

$ mv cuda cudnn
$ mv cudnn /usr/local
  • Remember to add the path to the cuDNN libraries to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. For my case, that would be /usr/local/cudnn/lib64

  • For CMake in Caffe to automatically find cuDNN while building, export an environment variable named CUDNN_DIR pointing to the directory. For me, that directory would be /usr/local/cudnn

That is it! Caffe should be able to find and link with cuDNN now.

Tried with: cuDNN 6.0 and Ubuntu 16.04