Keyboard shortcut for bookmarks toolbar in Firefox

Firefox provides the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + B for opening or closing the bookmarks sidebar. Strangely, there is no keyboard shortcut provided to show or hide the bookmarks toolbar. This is irritating since I prefer to use the toolbar over the sidebar.

This functionality can be obtained by installing the Hide BookmarksBar addon. In its Preferences you can set the keyboard shortcut you want. I like to set this to Ctrl + Shift + B, the same as in Chrome.

Tried with: Hide BookmarksBar 3.3.1, Firefox 41 and Ubuntu 15.04


How to import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

  1. Open the Bookmarks window. You can do this by clicking the Bookmarks icon beside the addressbar or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + O.

  2. Choose Import and Backup -> Import Data from Another Browser. Pick Chrome and choose to import only the bookmarks in the following dialogs.

Tried with: Chrome 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit), Firefox 38.0 and Ubuntu 14.04