How to play WRF file

Cisco Webex sessions can be recorded and the recordings can be saved as WRF and ARF files. There does not seem to be any player for the WRF file format on Linux. If you are using Windows or Mac, you can use the Webex Player here to view the files. There is also a Webex Recording Editor that is available on the same webpage that can be used to render a WRF file to a WMV file. I tried the players and editor on Windows, and they seem to be extremely old Windows apps with basic functionality.


How to play ARF file on Linux


Cisco Webex stores its video recordings as ARF files with extension .arf. I wanted to play such recordings on Linux.


No solution is working right now

There is a converter to MP4 provided by Webex here. I downloaded the nbr2mp4.tar file and unpacked it.

  • I ran the script to unzip the files.
$ cd nbr2_mp4
./nbr2mp4 file.arf

This did not output any MP4 file.

  • The NBR player too did not work:
$ ./nbr_play file.arf
nbr_play: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64