How to join images using ImageMagick

If you want to tile images on a 2D grid, then check out how to use the tile command.

If you just want to join images side-by-side or one below another into a single row or column, then there is an easier command called append.

To join images horizontally side-by-side into a row:

$ convert *.png +append out.png

To join images vertically one below another into a column:

$ convert *.png -append out.png

Tried with: ImageMagick and Ubuntu 14.04

Append one DjVu document to another

Appending one DjVu document to another is easy with djvm.exe, the DjVuΒ multipage document manipulation utility. This can be found in the DjVuLibre package.

# Append back.djvu to front.djvu
djvm i front.djvu back.djvu

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Tried with: DjVuLibre