How to give user access to a file or directory in AFS

A user can be given access to a file or directory in AFS by using the fs program. Using the setacl parameter of the program, the user can be given one or more of these permissions: r (read), w (write), l (list), k (lock), i (insert), d (delete) and a (change ACL).

For example, to give joe access to read, write and list contents of a directory Foo:

$ fs setacl Foo joe rwl

Tried with: OpenAFS 1.6.1-1

How to view the ACL in AFS

Access in AFS is controlled by an access control list (ACL) associated with every file or directory. The fs command can be used to view who has access to perform what kind of action on any file or directory.

For example, to view the ACL of a file named Foo:

$ fs listacl Foo

Tried with: OpenAFS 1.6.1-1