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📅 2006-Feb-26 ⬩ ✍️ Ashwin Nanjappa ⬩ 🏷️ movie ⬩ 📚 Archive

Sabrina: Suppose you meet someone on the boat, the first day? A perfect stranger. Linus: I have a better suppose, Sabrina. Suppose I were ten years younger and you weren’t in love with David. Suppose I asked you to … I suppose I’m just talking nonsense. Sabrina: I suppose so.

I watched the original B&W version of the movie Sabrina today. Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn) is a chauffeur’s daughter who has a huge crush on David (William Holden), the younger brother of Linus (Humphrey Bogart), a business tycoon. David doesn’t care for Sabrina, is a flirt and already has been through 3 marriages. Sabrina goes away to Paris to study cooking and comes back 2 years later with a new mod look. David falls for her and in the process hampers his engagement and a mega business merger between his and his fiancé’s businesses. Linus, the “cold businessman with ice water in his veins and a ticker tape coming from his heart” shrewdly tries to separate them, but ends up falling in love with Sabrina.

This movie was remade in the 90s with Harrison Ford and the lovely Julia Ormond and I liked that version better. The scenes from Paris in that movie were just too lovely! But, this original version has a tighter story and there’s Hepburn. Bogart is (like always) way too old for Hepburn! The dialogues are clever and perky. A good romantic watch.

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