How to mount remote directory on Windows using SSHFS-Win

sshfs makes it convenient to mount a directory from a remote Linux computer on a local Linux computer. SSHFS-Win makes it easy to mount a directory from a remote Linux computer on your local Windows computer.

  • Install the latest stable installer of WinFSP from here.

  • Install the latest stable installer of SSHFS-Win from here.

  • Open File Explorer, right-click on This PC and choose Map network drive. Choose a drive to mount at and in the Folder field enter:


By default, Windows will use your Windows password or credentials for the remote computer. If the password or credentials are different on the remote computer then choose the Connect using different credentials option.

Windows will ask for your password at the remote computer. After that the home directory from your remote computer will be mounted at the Windows drive you chose. I found that I had full read-write access to the files mounted from remote.

Tried with: SSHFS-Win 2.7.17334 and WinFSP 1.2.17346

13 thoughts on “How to mount remote directory on Windows using SSHFS-Win

  1. After unsuccessfully trying two other approaches to sshfs, this one worked immediately for me. Using it now to access a raspberry pi from a Win10 box. Nice.


  2. Hi,
    A lot of the folders I would normally have access to if I ssh into the network I won’t have when mounted. For example, if I go into project folder I will get a “/A:project is not accessible” error. Do you know I can fix this issue? Thank you


  3. Hi all,
    Has anyone tried to mount a remote fs via ssh tunneling ? When I define a tunnel on local port 8086 and then map a remote drive with something like “\sshfs\remoteuser@localhost!8086/Path/to/folder”, I just get a Windows error popup that does not help. The tunnel is OK (I can map the same remote fs via Dokan, but I really would prefer to use sshfs-win). Thanks.


  4. Does not work. I tried with Putty, and my SSH login works. However, using the same ID and password in SSHFS-Win, I get an “Access denied” error.


    1. One note: this won’t work from File Explorer Path like you might expect, and you will get this error. It will only work via the “Map Network Drive” dialog.



    2. I have the same issue. Neither works with “Add a network location”, nor with “Map network drive”.


  5. Is this program like sshfs on Linux how you can execute programs and make programs read files just like it’s a normal filesystem? I have never found something like that for Windows.


  6. Another good alternative is swish:

    Pro: Key pairs are supported using Putty’s pageant.
    No need to map network drive, just use swish icon in “This PC” and add remote SFTPs. All files are accesible through Windows Explorer.

    Con: The project seems to be dead and is not mantained anymore (still works on Windows 10).


  7. I connected to remote ubuntu with this method, but do not have write permission, any help? Thanks


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