How to install Docker

There are two ways to install Docker CE (Community Edition): using its repository or by directly installing its package file. Using the repository is highly recommended.

  • Repository install: Follow the steps listed here to do this.

  • Package install: Go to Pick your Ubuntu version. 16.04 is Xenial for example. Then pick pool/stable/amd64/ and then download the latest DEB files for docker-ce-cli, and docker-ce. Install these packages in the same order.

  • Remember to add your username to the docker group:

$ sudo adduser joe docker
  • You will need to logout and login for the group assignment to take effect. If you find that logout-login to be painful, try this trick.

  • Try Docker and see if it works:

$ docker run hello-world

Tried with: Docker 17.09 and Ubuntu 16.04

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