Anki is a system to create, maintain and review flash cards. It can be used to create and store flash cards in separate decks. It is available as an offline program and also online at AnkiWeb. Probably my favorite feature is that I can create and store my decks in its online store and also sync them up to my offline Anki client.

  • I highly recommend creating a login at AnkiWeb and creating your decks and cards there.

  • To review on your computer, install the Anki tool:

$ sudo apt install anki
  • Open up Anki and click the Sync (⟳) icon. You will be asked for your AnkiWeb login and after that your decks will be synced.

  • In case you are curious, your decks are stored in a single SQLite database file named collection.anki2 in the Documents/Anki/User 1/ directory in your home.

Tried with: Anki 2.0.32 and Ubuntu 16.04

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