ImageMagick display

ImageMagick display

The display program of ImageMagick is useful when you are at the shell and need to quickly view one or a few images. It can also be used to apply many of the image processing operations available in ImageMagick on an image and view it. This viewer is extremely light and great for checking some images quickly on a remote computer over SSH.

  • If you do not have ImageMagick, installing it is easy:
$ sudo apt install imagemagick
  • To view a specific image:
$ display foo.jpg
  • To view all the JPEG files in current directory:
$ display *.jpg
  • To display all image files in current directory:
$ display *
  • If you know that you will not be changing the images, but just viewing them, then open them in immutable mode:
$ display -immutable *.jpg
  • Press F1 to view help about the mouse operations and keyboard operations available in this program.

  • Some of the keyboard shortcuts I frequently use:

Space: Next image
Backspace: Previous image
Esc: Quit
/: Rotate by 90 degrees
<: Zoom out
>: Zoom in

Tried with: ImageMagick and Ubuntu 16.04

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