2016 at CodeYarns

Yet another year has passed by! 2016 was a huge year in my personal life and so I could not write as many posts as I wanted to here on my blog. Also, keeping a Twitter account is well known to cut down on your energy to write blog posts. Here are some stats from the year for CodeYarns.


  • Posts: I wrote 165 posts for the blog this year. This is a big drop from 2015, when I wrote 389 posts.

  • Views: The blog saw more than 1 million views this year, which is a bit less than last year. I attribute this to the change in the name (from ChooruCode) and the corresponding change in the domain name. The views came from 830K visitors, for a views per visitor ratio of 1.26. This ratio has also been reducing over the years, which is a general trend for blogs as far as I know.


  • Countries: The top 3 nations of visitors continue to be USA, India and Germany. There is a long tail of nations, including 14 views from North Korea! The blog saw visitors from a total of 221 countries, which is almost all of them. The only nations which were missing in the above map seemed to me as Chad and Central African Republic.

For 2017, I hope to write an average of one post per day. Got to see if I can manage that! 🙂

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