Seagate Seatools

Seatools is a tool that can be used to test and diagnose internal and external harddisks manufactured by Seagate. It can be installed and used on Windows. There does not appear to be a Linux version available.

  • Seatools can be downloaded from here and installed easily on Windows.

  • Connect the harddisk you want to diagnose and then run Seatools. If you cannot find it in the Start menu, just check C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagate\Seatools for Windows for an executable to run.

  • When it starts it takes a lot of time looking for ATA, SCSI and USB drives connected to your computer.

  • After it starts, it shows the drives it has detected. For my external USB drive, it showed up both as the external USB drive and as an internal drive. I guess this external drive was actually created from an older internal drive series or something like that.

  • Select the drive and choose from the above menu to get its information or run short tests. My drive failed in the short test itself.

  • If the drive fails any test, it is probably unrepairable and needs to be returned (if under warranty) for a replacement or just discarded. Seatools allows you to enter the Serial and Product numbers and checks if the drive is in warranty for you.

  • From the Seagate website you can create a return order which Seagate calls RMA and then return the device using the order and labels it provides.

Tried with: Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive 1TB

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