KAlgebra is a simple graphing calculator for Linux. It is a good replacement to using an actual graphing calculator. I find it useful to plot functions instead of using SageMath, which can be an overkill for just plotting.

  • It can be installed easily from Ubuntu repositories:
$ sudo apt install kalgebra
  • I usually just switch to the 2D plot mode and add my function. KAlgebra checks if the expression is correct as you type and indicates error. If expression is correct, then it shows the graph preview right below. If you press Enter after the expression, it is plotted in the main 2D plot window. More functions can be added by clicking the Add tab in the bottom-right corner.

  • As you move the mouse inside the 2D plot window, KAlgebra shows the X and Y coordinate values in the bottom-left corner. It also shows the tangent to the curve as you move your mouse along the curve.

Tried with: KAlgebra 15.12.3 and Ubuntu 16.04

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