Review of Dell S2415H

It has been 6 months since I started using the Dell S2415H display at both home and work. The S in Dell displays is the budget series compared to the premium U series. I have been very happy with what I got for the price and I can no longer imagine working at my tiny notebook display anymore!

  • Size: As you might guess from the model number, this is a 24-inch display. It looks smaller than one though because it has almost zero bezel. Once you use such an edge-to-edge display, you cannot go back to thick bezels. An added advantage of zero bezel is it is great for dual and multi-display setups cause it gives you the feel of a huge display.

  • Resolution: 1920×1080. Not as high as I would like, but fine for my coding and browsing.

  • Inputs: HDMI and VGA. This is where Dell really cut down on the features. No DVI or Displayport! I do not play games and my notebook and graphic cards have HDMI and VGA outputs, so I am fine.

  • Color: This is where IPS really shines through. Everything looks rich and vivid. The color gamut is great and the brightness even at the lowest brightness setting is way high. I actually wish Dell had provided lower brightness levels cause using this display in dark room at night is hard on the eyes.

  • Glossy: This is one of my biggest problems with this display. It is very very glossy. It looks great to visitors and in photos. But a pain while working, especially if you are working with black terminals or themes. Note that the U series display are sensibly matte and do not have this problem.

  • Stand: The stand is dead simple and the only rotational alignment that can be done is along the horizontal axis. Not a problem for me cause I just place it on thick books to increase its height.

  • Price: It is very affordable. I doubt you can get a better deal on an IPS display with such a color gamut, good color calibration and such brightness levels. If you can afford it, you should definitely go for the U series displays, cause they are worth the extra cash.

  • Linux: I use the display with Kubuntu and it was detected correctly in its settings and works fine.

In conclusion, this is a good display from Dell and I am loving it. If you can afford it, I highly recommend the U series, which also I use regularly.

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