How to install and use the DLink DCS-930L camera

The DLink DCS 930L is a simple camera for home surveillance. It can be connected to your home router using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. You can watch and listen live from its VGA camera and microphone on your smartphone and other smart devices. Installing and using it turned out to be very easy.

Here is what worked for me:

  • Prepare the camera: Connect the camera using the provided power cable and power it up. Plug the provided Ethernet cable into the socket at the back and plug the other end to your home router. If the camera is given an IP address by the router and everything is fine, the light at the back of the camera should turn a steady green.

  • Create mydlink login: Create a login on the mydlink website if you do not already have one. You will need this login to add and use your camera.

  • Add camera using Android app: Install the mydlink Lite app on your phone and use your mydlink login. According to DLink documentation, you can add your camera using this mydlink Lite app if the camera and your phone are both connected to the same home network (or router). This did not work for me!

  • Download Windows wizard: Since I could not add the camera using the Android app, I had to power up my old Windows notebook. Connect Windows wirelessly to the same home network as your camera. I visited the DLink Support website to download an installation wizard. It will ask for the hardware revision (A or B). You can find this printed at the back of your camera. Mine turned out to be a revision B. I was able to download the wizard for rev B from here.

  • Add camera using Windows wizard: On running the wizard in Windows, it discovered my camera. I was asked to provide a password for the admin login on the camera. Since I chose to have the camera work wirelessly, the wizard then asked me to unplug the Ethernet cable and helped me pick the home wireless network to connect to. After this comes the mydlink login and once that is done, you can see the live video feed from your camera!

  • Watch video from Android devices: This is a cloud camera whose live feed you can check on your smartphone. Install the mydlink Lite app and provide your mydlink login. In the Remote section, you should find your camera. Clicking it shows the live video feed and you can hear audio too. You can also change your camera settings from this app.

Tried with: DLink DCS-930L (Revision B) camera and Windows 10

3 thoughts on “How to install and use the DLink DCS-930L camera

  1. Sir it says that the version of my DCS-930L is B2 i tried the B1 setup but it can’t detect my camera. What should I do? sir please reply


  2. Do it without S/W: reset the camera, open an browser and enter the cameras IP adress. Use admin and “” to login to the cam`s website and configure as you like.

    The URL to see the video stream is …/video.cgi



    1. How do I hook it up to my phone. I’ve been trying and I’m losing it. Plz help me. Grrr


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