How to remove old kernel packages

Every Ubuntu update installs a new version of the Linux kernel. It keeps the old kernel packages as backup and does not remove them. It does not mark them for autoremove either. Occasionally, I manually remove the old kernel packages keeping the current version and one older version as backup.

Thankfully, I discovered that there is a program that does this exact operation now!

Install the bikeshed package:

$ sudo apt install bikeshed

To remove all old kernel packages except the current one and the next older one:

$ sudo purge-old-kernels

Tried with: Ubuntu 15.10

One thought on “How to remove old kernel packages

  1. Actually I prefer:
    sudo apt-get install byobu

    “bikeshed” installs a lot of packages. “byobu” install less and “purge-old-kernels” is also included


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