One of the aspects where Linux is weaker than Windows is in hex editors. Linux fans will recommend the classic xxd and its support inside Vim. These tools are quite insufficient when exploring, investigating and editing huge binary files. Also, the console is not really the greatest environment to work on binary files.

wxHexEditor is a great GUI hex editor I have found on Linux. In fact, it is available for Windows and Mac too, so you can use it anywhere. It claims that it can handle gigantic files and I have not found any case where it fails.

Installing it is easy:

$ sudo apt install wxhexeditor

A few of the features I like:

  • Choose View -> Disassembler Panel to open that panel. Now when you place the cursor at any symbol, wxHexEditor will show that assembly code starting from that location. You can choose between Intel and ATT formats for the output.

Tried with: wxHexEditor 0.23 and Ubuntu 15.10

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