lstopo is a tool provided by the Portable Hardware Locality (HWLOC) project. It shows the hierarchical topology of the architecture of your computer in many beautiful formats. This is an excellent visual method to learn more about the details of any computer you access. Information that is shown includes, processor hierarchy, number of physical cores, virtual cores, cache hierarchy, size and details of each cache, the memory, buses and components on the buses.

  • Installing this is easy:
$ sudo apt install hwloc
  • To view your topology graphically:
$ lstopo
  • To view it as ASCII art at the shell:
$ lstopo -.txt
  • To view topology details in text format:
$ lstopo --of console

The topology can also be exported to various image (PNG), document (PDF) and markup (XML) formats.

Tried with: HWLoc 1.8-1 and Ubuntu 14.04

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