MEGASync client not syncing

Updated post here:

15 thoughts on “MEGASync client not syncing

  1. Thanks for the TIP – it helped 🙂 Stupid error.
    Now I have another problem – it is extremely slow – as if the client “hangs” for 10-15 minutes after each file that it syncs (1 out of 419). Windows claims “Not responding”. Anoyne else seen this behaivior?


  2. I cant change my settings. I open the settings, but i cannot click anything except for the proxy options! pls help


  3. If is that the solution, why they complicate?
    They should follow dropbox way, they do not have “upload folder” and “download folder”.


  4. Check out my solution for MegaSync stuck at “logging in” message.

    This happened to me after using wifi with a proxy. When I came back home, where there is no proxy, it just wouldn’t sync. It was stuck on “logging in” message forever. The only thing I could do is:

    Right-click on megaSync icon in the taskbar
    Select Settings (being the only option besides Exit)
    in the only available tab, Proxy settings tab, change from Auto-detect to No proxy
    Now the client should start syncing (the first message I got was "Fetching files list", or something like that)

    Good luck with fixing this! 👍

    Link to github issue comment:


  5. Awesome, just noticed it wasn’t syncing for the last 5 months – probably would have taken me ages to think of doing this! Thanks


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