MEGASync client not syncing


I tried to use the MEGASync client on multiple computers running Ubuntu to sync up a common directory of content to the cloud. I noticed that on some of them the clients it would sync only the first time and not do anything after that!


This one is a very silly bug in their client. It downloads the content the first time the sync directory is created. However, it forgets to enable that directory for syncing in the future!

To turn it back on, go to Settings -> Syncs. Tick the checkbox that is beside your sync directory and click Apply. That is it!

Tried with: MEGASync 2.6.1 and Ubuntu 15.10


8 thoughts on “MEGASync client not syncing

  1. Thanks for the TIP – it helped 🙂 Stupid error.
    Now I have another problem – it is extremely slow – as if the client “hangs” for 10-15 minutes after each file that it syncs (1 out of 419). Windows claims “Not responding”. Anoyne else seen this behaivior?


  2. If is that the solution, why they complicate?
    They should follow dropbox way, they do not have “upload folder” and “download folder”.


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