How to filter forwarded email in Gmail


You might be forwarding some emails from another account, say to your Gmail. How to filter such emails, for example, to archive them?


Go to Settings -> Filters and Blocked Addresses -> Create a new filter. In the Has the words field, add and choose what you want to do with such filtered emails. This solution worked for my setup.

One thought on “How to filter forwarded email in Gmail

  1. The “deliveredto:” field shows the address of the message the email was forwarded to (ie, your own address), not the address it was forwarded from. If you use this you would need to include your own address in the condition, not Note that this would send ALL forwarded messages to the label.
    Instead, use the “To:” field, which is kept intact when using Gmail’s forwarding settings. I’m not sure how this works when messages are forwarded from non-gmail users, so a different rule might be needed for those.


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