How to block Windows Update from updating drivers

Controlling what is updated in Windows Update has gotten harder in Windows 10. Drivers for your hardware are automatically installed when you update Windows now. In earlier Windows, you got a chance to cherry pick the updates and mark some updates to never be done. Those choices are gone now! (You can uninstall an update. That is not a great solution when your driver update has made it impossible for your Windows to boot!)

Automatic driver update is a good feature for almost everyone, except those who have NVIDIA graphics cards. Graphics drivers are notorious for being buggy. You almost never want to get the driver from Windows Update for your NVIDIA graphics card. You should always get it from the NVIDIA website itself.

There is a solution to this: block Windows 10 from installing drivers when it does Windows Update.

To do this, open Control Panel and go to System -> Advanced System Settings -> Hardware -> Device Installation Settings. Here choose to never update drivers through Windows Update.

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