How to use KeeFox in Ubuntu

KeeFox is an open-source extension for Firefox to use your KeePass program to fill login-password forms on websites. You could do this manually by opening KeePass and using it to find the login-password or to generate a new password or update the credentials. KeeFox makes it easy to do these operations directly from the browser.

$ sudo apt install keepass2
  • Open KeePass and create a password database and a master password. Get comfortable using KeePass. Configure it to open your default password database file on startup.

  • Install the complete Mono package:

$ sudo apt install mono-complete
  • Make sure you install mono-complete. Just because you have /usr/bin/mono does not mean that this package is installed. If you do not install this, you will later face a plugin incompatibility error.

  • Install the KeeFox extension in your Firefox from here.

  • We now need to create a plugins directory in our KeePass installation and copy the plugin file provided by KeeFox to that location:

$ cd /usr/lib/keepass2/
$ sudo mkdir plugins
$ sudo cp $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/extensions/keefox@chris.tomlinson/deps/KeePassRPC.plgx plugins
  • Open KeePass. If you had it open, close it and open it again. It should acknowledge that the new plugin that you installed in the above step. Keep it open for the steps below.

  • Open Firefox. Click on KeeFox and go to Options. In the KeePass tab, enter /usr/lib/keepass2 as KeePass location. The Mono location should already be filled in correctly.

  • Restart Firefox. Open the KeeFox Tutorial webpage. Follow the steps there and it shows you how to pull a login-password from KeePass to fill web forms, how to create and update a new password or add a new entry to the database.

Note: After going through these steps I realized that it is far easier to manually use KeePass instead of KeeFox. This is because login-passwords need only be entered once and can be saved for all future logins in Firefox using its built-in password manager anyway.

Tried with: KeeFox 1.5.3, Firefox 42, KeePass 2.25 and Ubuntu 14.04

4 thoughts on “How to use KeeFox in Ubuntu

  1. Passwords in stored in firefox are not really secure. Using KeeFox is nearly as easy, as it can be configured to autofill logins like plain Firefox.


  2. Excellent tutorial, thanks! Works perfect on Ubuntu 16 as well.

    DonΒ΄t understand the note though: Β¨This is because login-passwords need only be entered once and can be saved for all future logins in Firefox using its built-in password manager anyway.”

    The point of using Keepass is storing passwords in one convenient and safe place. Keefox helps with the convenience. After doing so, all password management by browsers can (should, I think) be disabled. Like Orbiter said above, itΒ΄s less secure.


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