X-plore file manager for Android

X-plore is a two-pane file manager for Android devices. It can be installed from the Play Store here.

This file manager will appeal to all you oldies coming from Windows or Linux. It is loaded with features and looks and operates like the traditional two-pane file managers. The quirky UI is actually very intuitive and easy to use once you get used to it.

The features I love in X-plore:

  • Support for the Copy.com cloud storage. So, I can browse and operate on all my online files directly from the file explorer. Music and video files can be played directly. This eliminates the need to install the Copy.com app.

  • Support for UPnP/DLNA servers. The videos, music and pictures served by a media server appear directly as a filesystem hierarchy. The videos and music files can be played directly. This eliminates the need for a separate UPnP/DLNA client app.

  • Audio files in cloud storage or UPnP/DLNA servers can be operated on and played in a fully featured in-built music player. What I like is that I can add all files under a directory to the playlist of the music player. This music player can also be used by all other apps to play music files. Do note that the music player is a paid feature. After you play 2 songs, the app will indicate that you pay the developer for 3 beers, a very reasonable price πŸ™‚

Tried with: X-plore 3.75, Android 5.0.2 and Moto G2 (XT1068)

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