Selected device is incompatible error in Android Studio


I was following a tutorial to learn using Android Studio. I connected my Android device which has USB Debugging enabled. After creating a new project, I tried to Run it. In the Device Chooser window, I could see my device listed. However, in the Compatible column, it was shown as incompatible and the message below read “The selected device is incompatible”. This was even though the minimum SDK version was lower than the SDK/OS of my device.


Follow all the steps of the Using hardware devices guide:

  • Enable debugging in the app/build.gradle file.
  • Add new UDEV rules for your device. You will need to look up the Vendor ID of your phone and create the /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules file.
  • Reconnect the device and it will prompt to accept a RSA key from the computer. Accept it.
  • Check if the device is listed using the adb tool:
$ ~/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb devices

Now try to Run the app on the device. In the Device Chooser window, you should be able to see the full device name, compared to the codename which was shown earlier. This is a clue that everything is working. Your app should appear on your device in a few moments!

Tried with: Android Studio 1.4, Moto G2 XT1068 and Ubuntu 14.04

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