No devices found error with OpenNI2


I installed OpenNI2 on a fresh Ubuntu system as described here. I plugged in a Primesense RD1.09 camera. I tried the default NIViewer app and it failed with this error:

openDevice failed:
DeviceOpen using default: no devices found


This error was quite a hard nut to crack. I could see that the Primesense camera was detected without errors in /var/log/syslog. I could see it being listed as ASUS when I run the lsusb command. And yet any OpenNI2 program would quit with the above error!

I could only solve this cause I remembered a similar error with SoftKinetic cameras. I tried the same solution as described here: creating a symbolic link to the libudev file.

After this, OpenNI2 programs began working immediately!

Tried with: OpenNI 2.2 x64, Primesense RD1.09 and Ubuntu 14.04


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