Development on TrueCrypt has been halted and the last version of TrueCrypt (v7.2) does not allow creation of new volumes. VeraCrypt is a fork of TrueCrypt source code that offers updated encryption settings and a GUI that is the same as in TrueCrypt. This might be closest replacement of TrueCrypt, if you were looking for that.

  • The Linux installation file can be downloaded from here. Installation is similar to TrueCrypt: you unzip and then install the script file using sudo.

  • VeraCrypt volumes can be created and mounted just like in TrueCrypt.

  • To mount your TrueCrypt volumes, click the TrueCrypt Mode checkbox in the dialog.

  • To mount from shell: veracrypt --password="my pass" --mount /path/to/ /media/veracrypt1

  • To unmount from shell: veracrypt --dismount /path/to/

  • To unmount all mounted volumes: veracrypt --dismount

  • When mounting a Truecrypt volume, use --truecrypt at the beginning.

Tried with: VeraCrypt 1.14 and Ubuntu 15.04

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