How to save to Pocket using keyboard shortcut in Firefox

Firefox now has built in support for Pocket. The current webpage can be saved to your Pocket by clicking its button, which can be found in the Firefox toolbar. However, if you would like to press a keyboard shortcut to save to Pocket, you are out of luck. There is no such feature available.

Saving to Pocket using a keyboard shortcut in Firefox can be achieved by using the ShortcutKey2URL addon:

  • Install the ShortcutKey2URL addon.

  • Go to its Preferences and add a new entry using the Save to Pocket bookmarklet. I like to use S as the shortcut key.

  • Press the keyboard shortcut on any webpage to save it to Pocket. For example, I press Ctrl + . + S to do this.

Tried with: ShortcutKey2URL 3.7, Firefox 41 and Ubuntu 15.04


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