How to exclude files and directories in Doxygen

Doxygen provides two configuration options to exclude certain files and directories from being indexed: EXCLUDE and EXCLUDE_PATTERNS. Note that these need to be specified in a format that is counter-intuitive to what is common among software tools.

  • EXCLUDE is used to specify files that need to be excluded. Both absolute and relative paths of files can be specified. Note that specifying directories or a file pattern to match multiple files will not work.
EXCLUDE = src/axle.cpp
  • EXCLUDE_PATTERNS can be used to exclude files that match file patterns that you provide. Note that providing absolute or relative directories does not work! For example, to exclude everything in src directory, I cannot specify src or src/*. Instead, I need to specify this:
  • For both these options, multiple inputs can be specified using two styles:
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS += */include/*

Tried with: Doxygen 1.8.6 and Ubuntu 14.04

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