How to set default font in LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc is an excellent open-source replacement for the popular spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel. One irritation for me is that the default font and font size it uses are not what I would like. To set your own font, font size and other text formatting as default it takes a few steps as described below.

  1. Open LibreOffice Calc. It opens with a new spreadsheet document.

  2. First, we set our font as default for this spreadsheet document: Go to Format -> Styles and Formatting. Right-click on Default and choose Modify. In the Font tab, set the font, font size and other formatting options that you would like to be the default. Click OK.

  3. We now save this format as a template: Go to File -> Templates -> Save As Template. Choose My Templates and click Save. Give your template a name.

  4. Finally, we make our template as the default template: Go to File -> Templates -> Manage. In the Spreadsheets tab, click on your template and click Set as default. We are done! 🙂

All new spreadsheets created by Libreoffice Calc will now have the default font set in this template. Note that this is the font that will also be used for comments in Calc.

Tried with: LibreOffice and Ubuntu 14.04

4 thoughts on “How to set default font in LibreOffice Calc

  1. I’m using LibreOffice and there is no Styles & Formatting item in the Format menu. Stymied.


    1. Hello Rob
      In Libre Office 6, open the sidebar and click on Properties. Change the font under character, Then under styles, use the default drop-down and click on ‘update to match selection’. Then save that spreadsheet as a template and follow the instructions above to make it the default template.


  2. I am using LibreOffice Is there a way to change the font size of all comments in a sheet of calc? I imported a sheet from excel. Each cell has comment. I would like to change all the comments font size to small.


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